Did Santiago Flight 513 Disappear in 1954 Only to Land in 1989

The story of Santiago Flight 513 has been making its way around conspiracy minded circles for decades.For the uninitiated here s the general gist of the time traveling tale.On September 4,1954 Santiago Airlines Flight 513 departed from Aachen West Germany destined for Porto Alegre Brazil.The flight should have taken around 18 hours an after more time now know this news.

Instead it took 35 years On October 12,1989 without any contact with air traffic controllers Santiago Flight 513 was spotted circling the Porto Alegre airport where it eventually made a successful landing.Upon opening the doors authorities found something still more shocking into the skeletons of 92 people buckled into their seats.The skeletal body of Captain Miguel Victor Cury was found in his pilots seat hands on the controls with the engine still humming.

While the story of Pan Am Flight 914 is undoubtedly a work of fiction it must have proved popular with readers.In 1989 the tabloid returned to the genre of physics defying airplanes.This time the flight was referred to as Santiago Flight 513 and the crew and passengers on this fictional flight did not fare nearly as well.

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