Details Of Postmortem Report Of Elephant Killed In Kerala

The post-mortem report on the shocking death of an elephant in a river in Kerala has confirmed that the pregnant cow indeed had major wounds in its oral cavity likely the result of a firecracker burst in its mouth.Initial speculation by foresters said she had been fed or herself ate a pineapple stuffed with firecrackers a practice commonly adopted by farmers.

They said they were still investigating whether the death was caused by farmers or poachers.Due to her wounds the pregnant cow elephant could not eat for more than of two weeks and collapsed out of exhaustion in the Velliyar river in Malappuram district.The actual cause of her death was drowning according to the post-mortem report.The Kerala government today declared they have made an arrest of a man in the case then and are looking for others.

It gave no further details of the arrest.Video ch dekho asal sachai aa ghi hun samne jehri hathni da bacha marea si kerla ch te hun dekho ki hunda video dekh ke share krdeo.The death of the elephant estimated to be 15 years old has been become controversial owing to partisan remarks made by a former union minister regarding the treatment of animals in Malappuram district. Many critics imputed that people in Muslim-majority Malappuram are less sensitive to animals.

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