Punjabi driver arrested in US with 25 lac dollar’s cannabis

A 21 year old Indian national who used to drive a commercial truck between Canada and the US has been arrested on the charges of smuggling marijuana with market value of US$ 2,500,000,a US attorney has said.If convicted.Arshdeep Singh faces a mandatory minimum penalty of five years in prison or a maximum of 40 years and a US$ 5000,000 fine.Inspection of the crates revealed coffee grounds.Secreted under the coffee grounds were vacuum sealed bags containing a green leafy substance the Department of Justice said.

According to the complaint on June 5 a commercial truck carrying coffee makers and bearing Prince Edward Island, Canada license plates attempted to enter the United States at the Peace Bridge Port of Entry at Niagara Falls in New York Michael Adler the Assistant US Attorney who is handling the case said.They also located four skids containing seven crates that differed from the rest of the load.

Approximately 1608 vacuum sealed bundles of suspected marijuana weighing nearly 1800 lbs were removed from the original shipment containers with an approximate value of US$ 2500000.Amrika ch dekho ik desi banda apne hi truck ch bhang lejanda hoea fadea gea per kida hoea eh sab kuj dekho eh video ch te share kro video nu.The commercial truck was referred to the Vehicle and Cargo Inspection System for a non-intrusive X-ray exam which showed inconsistencies between the cargo in the nose of the trailer and that of the rest of the load.

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