Singga da hun mahalpur ch peya wada pecha

In this video clip you can see Singga da hun mahalpur ch peya wada pecha.This is viral video and this video show Singga village now big problem by all village peoples.Singga was born in Mahilpur village in Punjab India.He was born in the year 1992 and He did his schooling from his villages government school after that he completed his graduation moreover he did MA in History.

He lived in his village mahilpur,Singgas father is also a songwriter and he had also wrote many Songs Poetries and Gazals.His father also teaches him the basics of writing and singga also go for learning music from his coach. He was very fond of music from his childhood.Singga had written many songs but he was not able to sell his songs to a good and reputated singer because he had not any friendship with any singer or singers friends.But after some time he went to college for his graduation and he sang songs in front of his friends.

But when I searched this in deep and he found that all the photos of Singgas wedding were fake.These images were cut from the latest song by Singga.Aa ki nava hi panga pe gea dekho eh video ch te share kro vad to vad te eh video bare apne vichar vi deo.The latest song of singga is a romantic one. The video of the song shows wedding scenes which were acted by Singga.Singgas some college friends have a friendship with DJ flow and they tell about singga to DJ flow. Then, one day DJ flow called singga for a meetup with him.

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