Uk ch aa kuj hunda kudia nal dekhlo

In this video clip you can see Panjabi Girl from UK is not easy.The largest of the four countries of the UK England also contains the most universities so there are plenty of options if you want to study here.Find out more about the different regions of England below.The capital of England London is the biggest city in the UK and one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse cities in the world.From fascinating history and iconic buildings to cutting-edge fashion theatre and food, it is easy to see why London is one of the most exciting and most visited cities on the planet.

From bustling cities to snow-capped mountains rolling green hills to highlands and islands the UK is beautiful and exploring is a must.Whilst studying in the UK there will be an endless number of ways for you to enjoy yourself learn new things and make friends.The UK offers an amazing, unforgettable student experience like no other country.It is a country with rich history and culture stunning countryside paired with world-leading modern art and design,culture fashion and sport.A UK education offers something for everyone.

Its relatively small size and good transport links mean that you can see a lot while you are here. There are four countries that make up the UK: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.The UK’s northernmost country, Scotland is a stunning mix of wild beauty and buzzing cities.Video ch ik bharti dei kudi ne live ho ke dasea ke kida life jeonde ne india to aa ke bhr eithe parn lyee kudia te munde.From the capital city Edinburgh home to the iconic hilltop castle and the world’s biggest arts festival, to the mountain wilderness of the Highlands, and the miles of untouched beaches dotted along the coastline, Scotland has a lot to offer.

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