BAMBIHA BOLE By Amrit Maan, Sidhu Moose Wala

A new song by Amrit Maan and Sidhu Moose Wala just released on YouTube.The song is called Bambiha Bole and both singers can be seen in the video performing some terrific stunts.The video is almost 5 minutes long and has received quite a few positive comments.Bambiha Bole is a new song released by the duo Amrit Maan and Sidhu Moose Wala who have both sung and performed in the video.

The video starts with shots of an anonymous group burning off a holy book when Amrit Maan enters the shot singing.He is then seen off this group of people who were burning the book and goes on to many other people while singing.After half the video ends fans can see Sidhu Moose Wala enter the scene.The song then returns to its original theme where the duo starts eliminating the bad guys again.

The video has now gone viral and has many positive comments.Dekho eh video ch nave gane sidhu moose wale ne amrit maan nal gaa ke sare ganea de pichle recard torr dite ne.Many of the fans can be seen appreciating the music and the video.Fans have commented that both singers are their favourites and that the duo makes good music together.The lyrics talk about how people are silent after injustice takes place but Punjabis are not the same.The song explains that Punjabis are always for the right reason and will always raise their voice for the right reasons.

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