Hun mashoor gaiyka shehnaz ne laai lemon sode di rehri

In this video clip you can see Hun mashoor gaiyka shehnaz ne laai lemon sode di rehri.This is viral video and this video show A Famous Punjabi Singer Doing Work.The government has no such plans and now all every country where the virus has come into the youth of that country is facing a lot of difficulties.Many of them lost their jobs and became unemployed.In this way may be they have to do things they never thought possible.Eh video ch dekho ik punjab di mashoor female singer jisda kise jamane ch naam hunda si oh aaj kehra kamm kar rahi aa.Lockdown will not be re-announced.Chief Minister Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray has requested and appealed to the people not to crowd anywhere and follow the instructions given by the government

lockdown exit strategy for the spike in coronavirus numbers across the country. Chowdhury also asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to come down from the virtual to actual India to have a feel of the crisis.Ji ha oh hun ik nimbu soda paani de reri laa rahi aa te jdo osnu sara kuj puchea gea ta dekho ohne ki keha apni niji sari life bare ch.Video dekh ke share kro te apne apne vichar vi deo te eh video nu lok bhot var dekh rahe ne te vese vi haq di kamai hi karni chidi hai te koi vi kamm chota motta nai hunda.Lockdown ch kamma kara de eida de halath ho gaye ne ke greeb banda da apna masa hi tidh bharda hai pore din ch.We full hope you like this video clip very much,so watch this video clip and enjoy it.Thanks for watching this video clip.

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