Anmol Narang becomes first observant Sikh to graduate from United States Military Academy

An Indian-American Sikh woman Anmol Narang is all set to graduate on Saturday from the United States Military Academy at West Point.Thus the 23 year old becomes the first Sikh woman to have successfully completed a four year degree at the 218 year old military academy.NY Times reported.After graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology Narang transferred to West Point.On Saturday Lieutenant Narang will get a degree in nuclear engineering.She aspires to pursue a career in air defense systems.We the very very excited and honored to be fulfilling my dream of graduating from West Point it.

Narang said to the Sikh Coalition a nonprofit based in New York.The confidence and support of my community back home in Georgia has been deeply meaningful to me and I am humbled that in reaching this goal I am showing other Sikh Americans that any career path is possible for anyone willing to rise to the challenge.Narang is the first observant Sikh to graduate from the academy but not the first Sikh cadet to do so.

On Narangs achievement the Coalition wrote Her exemplary service to date underscores how diversity and pluralism remain core strengths of the US military and the country as a whole.Dekho eh video te share kro vad to vad ke kida bani ik bharti kudi amrika ch pas hoi miltari skool cho.Narang will complete her Basic Officer Leadership Course at Fort Sill in Lawton Oklahoma and then head to her first posting in Okinawa the Japan in January of 2021 according to the Coalition which works to protect the constitutional rights of Sikh community.

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