The eerie connection between Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide and his Twitter cover

The Vincent van Gogh is believed to have committed suicide in July 1890.The well known post-Impressionist painter created over 2000 paintings many of which were created in his final years.Starry Night one of his most famous paintings was created in 1889 as van Gogh resided in a lunatic asylum in southern France.On Sunday Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide.

Mumbai police confirms that the actor was found hanging in his Bandra home.No suicide note has however been found.We mention Van Gogh because Rajputs Twitter cover photo was ‘Starry Night’.Additionally, his Twitter bio simply states: “Photon in a double-slit”.The ‘Starry Night’ was painted at a time when van Gogh was confined to an asylum and is believed to have been suffering from hallucinations and having suicidal thoughts as he plunged into depression.

This was reflected in his work which then began incorporating darker colours.As the Van Gogh Gallery website states “One of the biggest points of interest about this painting is that it came entirely from Van Gogh’s imagination.None of the scenery matches the area surrounding Saint-Paul or the view from his window.Reports suggest that Rajput had been struggling with depression in recent days and had been taking antidepressants.According to an NCBI report there is evidence that suggests that Van Gogh suffered from manic depression and a chronic mental illness that affects many creative people.

There is however an alternative explanation that involves overmedication with digitalis.Sushant Singh Rajput di mautt da ik raaz hi ban ke reh gea hai nai pata lagg reha ke osdi eh mautt piche ki si vada kaarn.Video dekh ke apne apne vichar deo te dso tanu ki lagda hai eh video bare.The NCBI report suggests that people receiving large repeated doses of the drug often see the world with a yellow-green tint and have been known to complain about seeking yellow spots surrounded by coronas.

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