Ayurvedic medicine for kidney stones

Kidney stones are small hard deposits that form in the kidneys and can cause huge amounts of pain when they are the passed through the body.The stones themselves are formed from salts in urine which form solid crystals in the body and these may vary in size.Once formed these stones can cause a range of problems such as infection discomfort or kidney failure so its important to treat the condition.Common treatment usually involves the patient undergoing a surgical procedure however you may be interested in reading about our non-evasive Ayurvedic kidney stone treatments that we offer at Ayur Clinic Melbourne instead.

As specialists of ayurveda in Melbourne we take a less conventional approach to traditional medicine when it comes to healing the body.When it comes to dealing with kidney stones and all health conditions in the body believe that it is important to not examine the condition in isolation but instead examine the individual it their entirety.This way we can get to the root cause of the problems rather than just masking the symptoms as a lot of conventional medical practices do.

The Ayurvedic system follows the main concept that the body needs to be kept in balance in which a well balanced body ultimately leads to optimum health.We see the human body to consist of three primary life forces called the Tridoshas.Bhot sare lok ne dunia te jina di body ch patria hundia ne per eh kida te kyu hundia ne ehina da ilaaz kida hunda hai te eh video ch ik desi nuskha dasea gea hai jis karke tuhade zindghi ch kdi vi pathri nai hovegi.These comprise of Vata,Pitta and Kaptha,an imbalance of which causes a build up of toxins and ultimately leads to negative physical and mental health and is often the primary cause of most illnesses.

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