Pervy drunkard monkey punished with lifetime jail in kanpur

Aged six a monkey named “Kalia”,who was born in the goon politics ridden Mirzapur district of Indias Uttar Pradesh has been sentenced to stay in an enclosure at the Kanpur Zoo for the rest of his life.The monkey became a town nuisance after his owner an occultist died in Mirzapur some years ago.The man raised the monkey feeding him non vegetarian food and alcohol and a developed requirement for the animal that he was deprived of after the demise of his master.

Not being able to get his daily dose of alcohol the monkey became aggressive and soon began attacking people especially women and children.As many as 250 cases have been registered against Kalia, accusing him of brutally biting people on the roads.His terrible bite also led to the death of a minor girl.We were informed about the monkey some time ago and a special team travelled 200 km from Kanpur to Mirzapur to capture the monkey and bring it back to the zoo.

Everytime we tried to dart at him with tranquilizer his monkey girlfriend would alert him with sound signals and he had disappear quickly.Insana nu jail jande ta sunea dekhea huna tusi per ki kise janwar nu jail jandea sunea ja dekhea je nai ta eh vidoe ch dekhlo te eh video nu share vi krdeo bad ch.The monkey who also had a rather protective girlfriend was a tough nut to crack.

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