A famous actor declares suffering from Corona

The American comedian Daryl Lynn Hegley has announced that he has tested positive for the emerging corona virus.The 57 year old actor was unconscious while performing at a comic nightclub Friday night.On Saturday Hailey posted a video on Twitter telling his fans that he had been treated for fatigue and dehydration.He added then the tests also proved positive as Covid-19.

Hegley is also an author and broadcaster starring in the 2000 Spike Lee movie The Kings of Original Comedy alongside Steve Harvey Bernie Mac and Cedric The Entertainer.He produced and starred in The Hughleys which aired on ABC and UPN from 1998 to 2002.Amrika de mashoor hero loka nu live stage te hason wale da aaj chakar khaa ke digean te pata laga ke oh crona da sikaar ho gea hai.

He gave a talk show on CNN.I had no symptoms classic symptoms.Healy said he still had not shown any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19 including shortness of breath and fever.Healy plans to quarantine him in his hotel room in Nashville for 14 days,which surprised me I was without symptoms.

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