Canadian police chief’s wife attacks Punjabi Girl

The Delta Police Department is promising an internal policy review after the police chiefs wife was accused of spraying a woman with a hose an altercation thats currently under investigation by RCMP.Lorraine Dubord the wife of Delta police Chief Neil Dubord is alleged to be have sprayed Richmonds Kiran Sidhu with a hose on June 6.The incident initially reported to the Delta police has been handed over to Surrey RCMP by the deputy chief.

The move ensures “a fair and independent process is followed through the current investigation according to a statement released Saturday by the Delta Police Board.The board said the police department will also be reviewing its internal policies and practices.As she was returning to her vehicle she climbed over a large pile of rocks that line several properties along the shore.Fearing she would fall into the water, Sidhu said she gripped the glass fence that surrounds Dubords home.

In a video shared with CBC News Dubord is confronted by two of Sidhus friends at which point Dubord says she turned on the hose.She denies spraying Sidhu.Sidhu initially reported the incident to the DPD.Dekho eh video ch kida ik punjaban ne apni jaan bachai canada ch ik gore di patni to per hoea ki sara kuj eh video ch dekho te share kro video nu.The investigation is now being conducted by the Surrey RCMP.The alleged incident took place on a Saturday afternoon.Sidhu had met with some friends at Centennial Beach in Tsawwassen when a high tide came in.

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