Aa dekho mukh mantri sony maan nal ki paarn di gal karda pea

In this video clip you can see Aa dekho mukh mantri sony maan nal ki paarn di gal karda pea.This is very funny video and this video now gone viral social media.In this video sony maan with mukhmantri doing the full enjoy water bloon with play another friend.Eh video ch dekho mukh mantri nal ki hoea ke eh video nu dekhea loka ne bar bar te eh video hun youtube te bhot hi jada viral ho reha hai.India’s TikTok influencers are urging their fans to follow them on other social media platforms after the government announced a ban on the popular video-sharing app.

Punjabi singer Sony Maan released her latest song in city on Friday. Sony, who was accompanied by singer and social media star Mukh Mantri, launched her song titled Prison of Love. TikTok was one of 59 apps, including Chinese messaging platform WeChat and mobile browser UC Browser, banned by the Indian government Monday for posing a “threat to sovereignty and integrity.”The duo has collaborated with Ranbir Baath yet again for the song, which will start streaming from December 1. The young singer, who along with Mukh Mantri, rose to instant fame through Tik Tok music videos and is famous for using aggressive lyrics in her earlier songs.

The move follows a border clash between India and China earlier this month that left at least 20 Indian soldiers dead.Dass diye ke tik tok te eh jodi vi bhot hit hoi si apnia videos nal te hun jado kal da tik tok ban ho gea hai ta eh hun apnia videos youtube te paa rahe ne eh video dekh ke ki kahoge daso eh poori video dekh ke.Video de ik din ch hoe ne ik lakh to vi vad views te eh video bar bar dekhi ja rahi aa loka de duwara facebook te vi hun and seemed toned down for the launch.

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