TIK TOK band hon te hun eh star ne kiti khudkhusi

A student of Delhi University Delhi hanged herself.Sandhya Chauhan family, Father, Mother details are below mentioned. Second suicide after Sia kakkar.Tik Tok, Sandhya Chauhan Suicide: After the famous Siya (Sia) Kakkar on Tick Talk, now another Tick Talker committed suicide. Sandhya Chauhan, who lives in Green Park Colony area of Delhi, has killed herself.However, it is not clear why Sandhya took such a colossal step. Sandhya’s mobile is in police custody and the body has been sent for post-mortem. Sandhya lived with her family in Green Park Colony area.

According to the police, it is being estimated that there is a possibility of suicide of the girl due to family clashes. Sandhya was also very active on Tiktok, in such a situation, it is being speculated that the girl did not do so due to the tick talk ban. No suicide note has also been found in Sandhya’s room. Family members say that Sandhya was in depression for 2 months, the reason for which was not clear.

On Thursday evening, around 5 pm, Sandhya committed suicide by going to her room. This is the first tik tok suicide after tiktok ban. She was very active on Tiktok and was a student of Delhi University. Sandhya Chauhan father is a Police Officer.Tik tok ban hone te bhot sare lok naraz ne bhart ch per ik taza mamla dekhn nu milea hai jo ke ik mashoor tik toker kudi ne apni jaan aap le lyee hai te pata laga hai ke oh bhot time to tik tok te mashoor si.Her father is very disturbed. There are reports about Sub Inspector’s daughter Sandhya that she was upset with the tik tok ban.

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