Reality of Punjabi Student Girls CANADA

In this video clip you can see Reality of Punjabi Student Girls CANADA.This is old video but this video gone viral social media.Canada is known as a picturesque nation of cultural diversity, friendly people, and tolerant attitudes towards foreigners. Nearly a fifth of Canada’s students are welcomed from other nations, so here are some of the basics international students in Canada may need to know about Canadian life.Eh video purani hai per jo v kuj hunda aa eh video ch sach hi dasea hai ke kida india to ja ke prn waste ki ki karna penda hai kudia te mundea nu.Video dekh ke share karna na buleo te eh video bare apne apne vichar vi deo.Your professors and instructors schedule office hours for students, so you can meet with them to discuss assignments or questions.

At college or vocational school your days will be filled with career-focused learning in a very practical way. In addition to attending classes, this might involve shooting and editing your own videos in broadcasting or working with patients if you want to be a dental hygienist. You might spend the day designing and constructing kitchen cabinets if woodworking is your career choice. In short, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to practice your skills in real work environments.

At university, your days will include lectures and labs, tutorials or workshops. This variety is what university life is all about, giving you a mix of learning and doing that will help prepare you for your future career. Each class also has at least one teaching or lab assistant—usually a graduate student in your field who is also available to provide extra learning support to students.

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