Hune hune hun ik hor adakara nu ho gea coronavirus

Telugu television actor Navya Swamy who has worked in popular soaps such as Naa Peru Meenakshi and Aame Katha has tested positive for Covid-19.Upon getting her test results she immediately stopped shooting for her show.Navya also took to Instagram to share a video about her testing positive for Covid-19.She revealed that she is been eating healthy and taking care of herself to build immunity.Meanwhile another television actor Boddu Prabhakar was recently tested positive and is currently under treatment.

After experiencing a mild headache for 3-4 days Navya got herself tested following the advice from a doctor.While she has quarantined herself, the cast and crew of the show have also undergone tests and have reportedly quarantined themselves.She signed off saying she is doing absolutely fine and will come back with flying colours very soon.Navya further explained, “Even at the worst case if you are tested positive there is nothing to be worried about.

As soon as Navya learnt that she is coronavirus-positive she quarantined herself immediately.In the video, the actress said she eating healthy and taking all the precautions.Telugu tv di dekho kis mahan adakara nu hun ho gea crona te report positive aun te live ho ke dekho ki keha ohne ke eh video viral ho gea social media te.She also asked people not to panic or differentiate between the people who test positive for the virus.

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