Aa bebe di suno audio call kudi nal garm galbat

In this audio clip you can see Aa bebe di suno audio call kudi nal garm galbat.This is very shocking and viral audio call and in the auido call recording one old women talking about another girl voice call wrong words used.But now this audio call gone viral on the social media.Eh audio call ch suno ik aurat bebe apne putt di galti nu dasea osde saheli nu call te ke osda kasoor aa oh ta saria kudia nal eida krda.For example, if you’re in a video meeting and the network connection is poor, you can dial in from your phone.

These features are currently available for meetings organized through a G Suite account.To speak and listen on your phone while in a video meeting, you can have Google Meet call your phone. Google Meet can also dial into a meeting from your device.If you’re not in the meeting, your computer joins when your phone connects. If there are more than 5 people in the meeting, you’ll join muted. If your computer is muted before you connect, you’ll join muted.

Use your phone for audio instead of your computer’s microphone and speaker. Tu pehli kudi nai aa jis nal eida da galth kamm hoea per kdui ne vi sunlo aage call te ki ki keha ke koi vi sunke heran ho javega te eh audio call ta bache na hi sunana te eh audio call jo v sunana oh apne apne vichar den te eh audio call social media te bhot hi jada viral ho reha hai.Ik din ch eh audio call hoi bhot hi jada viral facebook te youtube te eh audio call nu sunea gea bar bar.We full hope you like this audio clip very much,so watch this audio clip and enjoy it.Thanks for watching this audio clip.

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