Travel Vlogger Tells Reality of India : Dekho Ki Ki Hoya Es Kuri Naal

Jordan Taylor, an American travel vlogger going by the YouTube channel Travellight, was sexually harassed while visiting India. After her stay in the national capital New Delhi, she narrated her story of being stalked and trapped in the hotel on her youtube channel that has gone viral on the social media.She mentioned that not only her personal details were shared by the five-star hotel she was staying in, to a stalker, but she allegedly also faced sexual harassment in the hotel she shifted in further.The second hotel, the OYO rooms partnered hotel, identified as the OYO hotel on Main Bazaar Road, Paharganj, Delhi had apparently partnered with hotel aggregator OYO rooms, and the latter has now taken action against the hotel.She recalls the incident started when her boyfriend, Livio departed four days before she was to leave India. While she was still making sure that nobody gets to know that he left, she saw a change in the hotel staff’s behaviour towards her.

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