Raising Money for Jashandeep’s Funeral

To Everyone who may not have heard the news, a young international student, Jashandeep Singh, passed away Saturday night i.e. 4th July- 2020, due to tragic incident. His Family is in India and understandably shocked by this loss and unfortunately not prepared for all that goes along with planning a funeral at this time.

As you all know now, he was an international student, who recently moved to Ottawa, Canada for his further studies and career.His Family back home in India is Looking for some financial help to receive their son to see one last time.We are raising money to cover the costs of funeral.

Funeral plans are still being arranged and any updates regarding the process for sending his body to his family in India will be posted here.If you would like to help Jashandeep’s Family in receiving their son to say their final goodbyes, Please Donate Whatever you can.Canada ch hun ik hor munde di mautt ho ghi hai paani ch duban nal.I am Sure his whole family will be forever grateful to your kindness and generosity.

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