Ik hor video hoea viral

In this video clip you can see Ik hor video hoea viral.This is new video now gone viral on the social media and this video all see full then should be comments bottam video.Eh video ch dekho hun ik munde ne ki keha bhardi kudi bare jisdi video bhot hi jada social media te viral hoi si.Eh video bare hun tusi apne apne vichar deo te eh video vi viral hoea facebook te youtube te.When you move to a new country, it will never be a hand in a glove situation. There is a certain learning curve that is bound to be encountered by everyone. My greatest tip from my personal experience is to have positive people around you at all times.

It is easy to fall back into the same old patterns just because it is familiar but you have to force yourself to come out of your comfort zone. Ik din ch eh video de ik lakh to vi vad views ho gaye ne te eh video bar bar dekhi ja rhi aa per eh video bache na dekhan.It is difficult at first but it is so worth the effort. We came to Canada to experience the international culture and to do that, we have to step out of our circle and get to know other cultures and people of other nationalities.

Almost all of the Indians will agree with me on this. We grow up in strict households where we have to come back home on time, get good grades, listen to our parents and be good at everything in general. And, now you are in Canada. All by yourself. Not answerable to anyone.With all this freedom in your hand, it can be difficult to keep the focus on your dreams and aspirations and everything you came all the way to Canada for leaving your friends and family behind.

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