Dilpreet Dhillon Is Back

Punjabi singer and music composer, Dilpreet Dhillon has caught himself in the middle of a huge controversy. Dilpreet Dhillon and his estranged wife, Aamber Dhaliwal have split after He was reportedly found cheating on his wife. The couple was often seen posting pictures together on social media. The couple tied the knot in 2018.Dilpreet Dhillon’s wife had also deleted all the pictures with Dilpreet from her Instagram account. She even went on to change her username to Aamber Dhaliwal, which was earlier Aamber Dhillon.

The singer ‘s estranged wife also recently posted a selfie on Instagram and she mentioned in the post that trust is fiction.Dilpreet de masle da hall hun oh apne nave aa rahe geeta rahi deoga te eh nava gana jaldi hi aa reha hai market ch tusi vi suneo eh sara gana te daseo fer kida da laga.Video kida di lagi eh video bare apne apne vichar jroor deo ik var.Now, finally, Dilpreet Dhillon has broken his silence and shared a video on his YouTube channel wherein he can be seen almost breaking down due to the severe backlash he has been receiving due to the whole fiasco.

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