Security guard woman employee and her brother after she asks for her salary

In the 21st century girls are no less than boys.In every field of life girls are witnessed doing wonders but in reality not everyone is ready to comprehend the scenario.The video of the incident went viral over the internet which portrayed the true image of hooliganism.It has also been learned that the Police have recorded the statement of injured too.

Narrating her story Kanchan said when I came to know about this I called my brother to the office to protect her but they started beating him too.Her brother was severely injured and has been admitted to the Civil Hospital for treatment.This recent case has surfaced from Singla Market of Arora Prime Tower where Visa 2.0 centre is being run.A similar case has come to light from Phagwara where a woman employee by the office security guard and the employer after she asked her salary.

When Kanchan an employee of the centre asked for her salary employer Amit Sharma who is also the owner of the centre had been asked the offices security guard to hit a woman inside one of the rooms.Video ch dekho aa ki ho reha hai te eh video viral ho gea social media te bhot hi jada.The injured has been identified as Chandramohan s/o Mangat Ram. The entire matter has been registered with the City Police.

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