Hune hune hun ranjit bawa bare aai eh mari khabr

This is very sad news and this video show Police Complaint Filed Against Punjabi Singer Ranjit Bawa.A police complaint has been filed against Punjabi singer Ranjit Bawa by his society members.Not just him even his bouncer has been accused of misbehavior in the society.The residents of Ekam Society Kharar have filed a police complaint against Punjabi singer Ranjit Bawa and his bouncer for allegedly misbehaving with the children of the society and also threatening them.

The singer accompanied by his bouncer had been the reportedly taken his dog for a walk in the society when a bunch of kids playing there starting following them and teased the dog out of the inquisity and excitement.Irritated by this Ranjit Bawa and his bouncer tried shooing them away but failed to do so which in turn annoyed the singer even more them more.

This led to an outburst and the bouncer and singer allegedly shouted at the kids and even threatened them.Soon the members of the society got together and decided to take action against the singer.Eh wele di vadi khabr aa rhi aa punjab to jithe punjabi mashoor singer ranjit bawe de bauncera di kut mar kiti ghi aa per sara ki hai mala aao dikhone ha tanu eh video ch.They went to the nearby police station and filed a complaint against him demanding strict action.

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