Puneet Rajoria death in canada

Puneet Rajoria came to Canada as an international student in 2018. He recently completed his study from Durham College in 2020. In the past week,the week of 6th July he wasnt too well and was admitted to Lakeridge Health Oshawa on July 11th and from there he was transferred to Mount Sinai Hospital at midnight.We are a group of friends trying to do our best to cover the expenses but the expenses are too much for us to cover.

So, we would request everyone to do their part in fundraising and help us support his family and closed ones in this difficult time.The next day, on July 12th, his pulse rate started falling rapidly and on the same day at noon he passed away.The doctors found cancer-causing cells in his blood in addition to some type of bacteria which affected his body severely.

Before his demise the doctors declared that most of his organs have failed, blood circulation stopped and he was declared brain dead.Canada ch hun ik hor bharti student di mautt ho ghi hai.His sibling in india is also suffering from cancer and parents are already spending too much for the treatment there.So this fundraiser is targeted towards helping cover his hospital expenses in canada , in addition to sending his body back to india for his funeral.

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