Sonakshi Sinha Video Gone Viral

Now it seems that another Bollywood actress has become a victim of the viral video.A video clip featuring Sonakshi Sinhas lookalike has recently gone viral which has shocked fans of the ‘Dabangg’ dame as the woman in the video clip bears an uncanny resemblance to Sonakshi.The girls sprung to their defence when the explicit images were made public.You may have seen these viral images before.They are on sale outside train stations and on highway shacks around Mumbai.They are hawked as explicit videos of our Bollywood stars and promise a peek into the private lives of our actresses.These images often make headlines be it the alleged video of Preity Zinta taking a shower or the video of Sonakshi Sinha getting intimate with a man.

These images are splashed on the internet and forwarded by so called fans to each other and our actresses deny that they are the faces and the bodies featured in these more videos.Dekho eh viral video da vada sach te eh video nu kro share vad to vad per eh video to bache door rehan.But how many of you believe them and the videos continue to be circulated.No one is safe these days anyone with a smart phone can morph someones face onto the picture of a body which can easily be found online.

A video clip which was passed off as an MMS of Sonakshi getting intimate with a man was viral in 2014.Sonakshi maintained her silence on the topic and soon after it was revealed that it was a lookalike after all.This perversion has become a business and our actresses are simply victims of this immoral system.We have no reason to not believe them and it is time to take a stand against this immoral trade spurred on by modern technology.

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