Policewale ne apni patni nu policewale aashiq nal fadea

In this video clip you can see Policewale ne apni patni nu policewale aashiq nal fadea.This is viral video and this video show one police men caught his wife another policemen person in the home but see what happened last moment.In fact, according to the information, in this case, a husband and wife who are police personnel, the husband alleged that it has been 4 months since our marriage.Hours after the arrest of Shashikant Pandey an aide of slain gangster Vikas Dubey a purported audio of his wife has gone viral on social media in which she is allegedly heard seeking advice on how to deal with police when it comes to her for investigation.

In the video Shashikants wife Manu is heard talking to Dubeys sister-in-law immediately after the ambush in which eight police personnel were killed at Kanpur’s Bikru village on June 2 night.”Two men died at my door, while another man died in my courtyard,” she is heard saying.“Everyone has ran away, what will I say when police arrive here,” she adds.On being asked from the other side about the dead she says, “They are all policemen. Vikas ‘bhaiyya’ and others have killed them.”She was advised to delete all phone numbers after which Manu was heard saying, “Yes, I will hide the phone after switching it off.”

But the wife has left him and is living with her policeman Aashiq.Video ch dekho aa ki ho reha hai te eh video dekh ke apne apne vichar deo jroor ik var ta tusi sare jane per eh video bache na dekhan.The husband reached the spot, caught his wife with his police lover and informed the police on the spot and called the police and informed them about his wife’s actions.

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