News anchor’s tooth falls out during live TV

A news anchor kept her cool after she lost a tooth live on air, caught it and continued presenting.Marichka Padalko’s tooth came loose as she was broadcasting on the coronavirus crisis.With consummate professionalism, the mother-of-three kept her composure and moved her right hand to her mouth to catch the tooth without pausing in her newscast.But beauty blogger Ekulka spotted the star’s fang faux pas and posted about it.

The presenter, however, kept her cool and didn’t so much as flinch as she continued on with the report.Marichka Padalko herself posted the clip on her Instagram profile, sharing her reaction to the incident. “This is probably my most curious experience in twenty years as a presenter,” she wrote. She even added how a colleague told her, “You reacted as if you were losing your teeth every day”.“No, not every day,” she added.She explained that the loose tooth was the result of an incident that took place 10 years ago. Her daughter was playing with a metal alarm clock that hit her and broke her tooth.

The TSN presenter, 44, replied later: ‘Yes, I really lost part of my front tooth today during the live TSN broadcast at 9am.A colleague told her: ‘You reacted as if you lose your teeth every day.’Padalko has had previous experience of the unexpected happening.Ki eida vi ho sakda hai ja hoea hai jida eh khabr ch dasea hai ke ik khabra parn wali kudi de dand tutt jan.Dekho eh video te share kro vad to vad te eh video kiew di dasi ja rahi aa.In 2013, she was live on air when she found herself reporting on her politician husband Yehor Soboliev’s detection at a Kyiv protest rally.

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