Canola thieves invade farms near Calgary, with up to 15 people at a time stuffing plants into garbage bags

Over the past number of weeks several people on the outskirts of southeast Calgary have taken to social media to comment on some unusual sightings people cutting down canola crops by hand or with tools such as scythes that before jamming the plants into plastic bags and driving away.Busslinger said thieves took about two acres of his friends crop this year plants which can no longer be harvested.

In one case neighbours tried to stop the alleged thieves from leaving until police arrived and ticketed them.In another a farmer lost two acres of crops due to the thieves ruining the plants.Dekho eh video ch canada ch rehndi apni punjabi ki-ki kam karde ne te eh video ch gorea de kheth ch chori saag torde fadye gaye ne.He said a bagful or two may not appear to be much compared to the vast fields they come from, but said each handful adds up.Then he said there is the principle of the matter.

These sightings have left some unanswered questions did these people have permission? Why would anyone want the young canola buds in the first place?Murray Busslinger thinks he knows.He is friends with a farmer who got hit by thieves this year.Eh vidoe dekh ke apne apne vichar deo vad to vad te eh video hoea social media te bhot hi jada viral.Busslinger said his friend gave permission to one person to take a few plants which are in the earlier stages of growth are used in salads and certain dishes but since then he said word has spread.

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