19 year old Peel man dead after ‘melee’ on Hamilton Mountain

Hamilton police say a 19 year old man from the Peel region was stabbed to death during an early morning “melee” between dozens of men in a plaza on the escarpment.The groups mainly made up of young men met to discuss an ongoing conflict.Thom did not reveal what the issue was but said it should not have led to what happened in the parking lot.The individuals from the Peel region showed up in two vehicles and at that time they were swarmed by about 20 or 30 from the Hamilton group Thom explained.

Video from the scene also shows the cars a blue Ford Mustang and a white sedan being battered before people begin to scatter and run away from the lot.One of the men who fled a 19 year old from Peel was stabbed and dropped dead behind the Kilkenny Castle a nearby apartment.His body was taken to Toronto for autopsy and his family is being notified of his death.Thom said members of the Hamilton group then got in the cars and began speeding around the lot with them.Video shows the white sedan zooming around the lot and barrelling through two people sending them airborne.They both hit the ground hard before fleeing the scene.

Thom said investigators believe they are from the Hamilton group and are likely suffering serious injuries but have not been identified.There were weapons used knives sticks pipes and the mention of a Taser even being used as well.One from the Peel region and one from Hamilton met in the near parking lot of a strip mall at 310 Limeridge Road West at roughly 1.a.m. on Sunday.Aaj di dekho sab to vadi khabr aa rhi aa ji canada to jithe do dhira ch jamm ke vada hoea hangama.The plaza includes a Big Bee Food Mart.

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