Coronavirus ‘Vaccine produced in UK for fear US will take it’

British scientists developing a vaccine against COVID-19 won not make the jab in the United States in case the Trump administration insists it is used to protect America first.The White House recently cornered the global supply of the US-made coronavirus treatment Remdesivir leading to fears that vaccines made on American soil could be prevented from being exported.

The Imperial vaccine is one of 23 prototypes now in clinical trials around the world with a further 140 in early development. Sky News will track their progress in the coming months as part of a new project called Race for a Vaccine.Professor Shattock said: “One of the things that sounds alarm bells is the nationalism of wanting to buy things out.

Luckily we are not making our vaccine in the United States.In an exclusive interview with Sky News Professor Robin Shattock who has just started clinical trials of a prototype vaccine at Imperial College London said he had been urged by the government to make the vaccine in the UK.Amrika nalo pehla hun uk ne crona di davai labb layee aa te eh khabr sunke sari dunia khusi nal joom rahi aa.The UK government is confident that Russian state-sponsored hackers have attempted to disrupt British vaccine trials or even steal the formula.

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