Aa dekhlo hostel ch kudia da haal

In this video clip you can see Aa dekhlo kudia da haal.This is very shameful and viral video and this video show three girls in hotels masti time made video then upload youtube.Hostel life very different from staying at home, away from parents,out of comfort zone and most importantly it teaches you to be independent, gives you ahand full of liberty as far as you don’t break the hostel rules.Hostels are strict in that way, your intime, attendance at night and filling of nightout forms is all very important.Hostel di zindghi kida di hundi aa eh ta sabnu hi pata hai te ki ki karde si ih v sabnu pata hai.

We comprehend living far from home at Girls Hostels or Boys Hostels is not a simple assignment. Life tosses another arrangement of difficulties at you additionally supports you gather recollections that you treasure until the end of time. Indeed, even before you understand, your companions turn into your family! You exchange your treats your folks sent, you find many shoulders to cry upon and so forth!Oh chae koi v munda hove ja fer koi v kudi sab di life ch fun te masti bhrea hund asi dosta nal frienda nal.It might be a startling at first. In any case, the fun part begins in that spot as it’s dependably survival of the fittest!

It is astonishing how each and every individual in the inn creates aversion for the wreckage sustenance at the extremely same minute. Dishes are put aside and it turns into an event to eat out. There could be five star joints and pizza chains to appeal you, yet you get genuine solace in having a chicken roll or pav bhaji from your most loved roadside thela.Eh video dekho te share kro vad to vad,We full hope you like this video clip very much,so watch this video clip and enjoy it.Thanks for watching this video clip.

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