Hune hune aai punjabi singer preet harpal bare eh vadi khabr

This is viral video and this video show Singer Preet Harpal upset over electricity bill, slaps governments of the day.Imagine how much of a shock you would feel if your electricity bill exceeded your expectations. Not only the general public but also the stars of the Punjabi industry are shocked by the electricity bill. Such is the shock to Punjabi singer Preet Harpal, who has shared a picture of her electricity bill and said that she has been hit hard by the electricity bill.

Describing her pain, Preet Harpal wrote, “Be careful people, the lockdown is over. The two-month electricity bill has come down to Rs 22,400. Governments around the world are doing what they can to help their people. Just ask our government to donate nothing. This is the case of electricity bill. No mill of our house is running. God knows what will happen to the common man.

Not only Preet Harpal is upset with the electricity bill, many Bollywood stars are also upset.Dekho eh video ch ki hoe aajeha preet harpal nal ke eh video viral ho gea bhot hi jada social media te.Video dekh ke apne apne vichar deo ik var jrror.A few days ago, Tapsi Panu also shared her electricity bill and cried her grief.

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