B.C. man to be deported after causing flight to divert to Winnipeg in June

A B.C. man will be deported to India after his belligerent behaviour on a WestJet flight last month forced it to divert to Winnipeg.The man was the first person in Canada charged with failing to follow the flight crew’s instructions to wear a protective face mask.While that charge was stayed, the Surrey resident pleaded guilty to two other offences: mischief and smoking on a plane. Balvir Singh, 59, left court wearing a protective face mask, something a judge heard he repeatedly removed from his face while on the Jun. 14 flight from Vancouver to Toronto.

Singhs lawyers told court he came to Canada 12 years ago but lacks supports here. They added he recently became homeless and lives with diabetes. Outside court they said he was on the flight to live with a relative in Ontario when the trouble began.Prior to getting on the plane, the court heard Singh had been hospitalized, and at the time of the flight had low blood sugar and had been drinking — a combination Kahlon told court contributed to his behaviour. With the help of a Punjabi interpreter in court, Singh pleaded guilty to the charges of mischief and smoking.

He was sentenced to five days of time served and has been barred from air travel in Canada.Dekho eh viral video te eh video dekh ke apne apne vichar deoCourt heard the conviction means Singh will also be deported back to his home country of India, where his wife and daughter live.That’s only part of what landed Singh on the wrong side of the law when his behaviour forced the plane to divert to Winnipeg.

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