5 men charged in alleged armed group in Brampton

Peel Regional Police say five men have been charged following an alleged in Brampton earlier this month.Police said in a news release Friday they were called to the James Potter Road and Bonnie Braes Drive area on the evening of July 16 after receiving reports of a suspected.They allege the men armed with sticks and cricket bats ambushed the victim then who suffered minor injuries.Peel police are searching for two suspects after a shooting and brazen carjacking in Mississauga on Friday night.

Police say they were attempting to make an arrest in the area of Burnamthorpe Road and Brickstone Mews near Confederation Parkway around 7 p.m. when someone began shooting at police.Police say they returned fire to protect themselves.One of four suspects then rammed a tactical vehicle with their own car before attempting to flee on foot at which point they commandeered a black pick up with an 8 year old girl in the inside.

Eyewitness video sent to CityNews appears to show the moment of the carjacking.In it two people are forced out of a black pick up truck which then speeds away.Police police police someone is heard yelling as officers who were at one end of the street begin to converge on the scene.Canada ch dekho ik var fer bharti students ne kita hangama te hun ohna sab nu girftar kar lea gea hai.Ki kahoge hun tusi eh video bare apne apne vichar deo te eh video hoea viral social media te bhot hiu jada.Police said they have charged the following Brampton men in connection to the alleged incident.

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