Bremerton ch khand mishri kudi de ne bare charche

Khand mishri named indian girl who sells sworker in Brampton.It is a residential area around Beech Street west of Kennedy Road and just north of Queen Street that has become infamous over the past several years for the 15 to 30 women like Tee who service johns of all ages for cash.Her joints ache and she says she feels girls and she another sitting at the back of Grace United Church after the daily breakfast served to the poor and homeless.It will get worse as the hours pass.

She needs medication self medication and She knows the pain and nausea will all go away if she can just get her hands on one little pill.Ironically that little pills and the many more that follow it is the disease and the Band Aid all wrapped up into one.It is a red rocket 200 mg of morphine and tee is addicted to it and addiction is the real disease ravaging her body.Most more then more all stories about human trafficking that make it into the headlines in Canada involve women from other countries being brought here and forced into swork into but those who work with trafficking victims in this country say the majority are in fact Canadian born all girls.

As they drove to a motel on a strip of Dundas Street East in Bremerton one of the men told her she could make a lot of money doing swork. Khand mishri said she was unsure and scared but felt pressured to go along with it because the two men were friends of the boy she knew.At that time I did not try to understand what was going on she said.My friend promised me all these things that I felt that I needed a stable place money in my hands.It was kind of part of me wanting to do it and see if I could get something better and then a bigger part was that I was already there and I can not really say no anymore.

She was a typical high school student in a city Bremerton just west of Toronto until two years ago when she fell in with a new boy who enrolled at her school.Dekho eh video ch kida ik kudi galth kamm kar rahi aa te india to aun waliya sab kudia nu nasse te laa ke eh kamm galth kardi hoi fadi ghi.Eh video dekh ke apne apne vichar deo te eh video bache na dekhan.Right from the beginning he knew I was the one that was I guess vulnerable said khand misri named girl then who is using a pseudonym to protect her identity.

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