Police disperse Brampton house party attended by as many as 200 people

Police and bylaw officers say they broke up a Brampton house party attended by as many as 200 people on Saturday night.Organizers tried to keep the gathering off social media and hide the event from their neighbours according to Peel Regional Police.Officers said they were called to the area of Countryside Drive and Goreway Road around 10 p.m. due to noise complaints and reports of a large party taking place inside a home.

Sohi told CBC Toronto that he has friends who have been dealing with COVID-19 symptoms and he is disappointed by the response from people who aren’t taking the virus seriously when vulnerable people are being hurt.When police arrived on scene with bylaw officers, it took them about an hour to disperse everybody and send them home.No arrests were made, but police said people were inside and outside of the home.

Danny Martini, spokesperson for Peel police, says police are hoping these large gatherings don’t become part of a larger trend.Eh video ch dekho kida lokdown hon de bavjud vi kida lok kathe ho rahe ne te eh var ta odo hadh ho ghi jdo ik party ch doso lok samil si.Officials said the homeowner or party organizer also hired security to park cars in yards, driveways and green space in the surrounding area.Video posted to social media showed numerous vehicles parked on grass near the property.

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