Cyprus ch dekho ki hunda kudia nal

In this video clip you can see Cyprus ch dekho ki hunda kudia nal.This is very shameful video and this video now gone viral on the social media.The community of Indians in Cyprus includes Indian expatriates in Cyprus as well as Cypriot citizens of Indian origin or descent.Even then though Cyprus has a much smaller community of Indians compared to other western countries the community boasts over 2000 Indians primarily in the field of ICT and shipping industry.

A large number are employed in various offshore companies but the multi-national company Amdocs maintains an office in Limassol which currently employs over 400 Indian software programmersThe community also includes many students who have come to Cyprus to pursue higher studies.The population has grown almost ten-fold since 1997 into when the there more being more all indians peopels were barely 300-400 long term Indians present.

Cyprus is a muslim country but in this country lived indians very very camunity is little.Bhar aa ke jo kuj hunda ha kudia nal oh bass ohna nu hi pata hai te oh chahe koi vi desh kyu naa hove canada amrika ja fer koi vi europe da desh.Hun eh video ch dekho ki ho reha kudi nal te eh video hai ji Cyprus di jithe ik bajurg baba kida ik kudi nal paise de ke galth harkat kara pea te kudi ne bajurg babe di video bana lyee te fer net te paa diti te hun eh video social media te bhot hi jada viral ho reha hai tusi ki kahoge eh video bare apne apne vichar deo te eh video bache na dekhan.We full hope you like this video clip very much,so watch this video clip and enjoy it.Thanks for watching this video clip.

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