Dekho Canada Wich Munde Ki Kar Rahe

Migration out of Punjab has reached such proportions that it can now be called “Exodus”. However, the reasons given for this situation appear to be more half-truths than complete truth. Canada remains number one destination for the Punjabis who are migrating out of Punjab in ever increasing numbers. The two most common reasons given are: There are no jobs left in Punjab. People who migrate to Canada are very happy there. However, both of these statements are not completely true. I will give several examples from my experiences in Canada and in Punjab which will seriously challenge both these assertions.The most prevalent reason given for migration out of Punjab is that there is economic compulsion. However, there is qualitative change in the class of people who are migrating out of Punjab. Before, it was mostly the uneducated or less educated rural peasantry which made the bulk of migrants. However, now it is the children of educated middle class who form the leading group of the new migrants. Most of them are passing the ILETS test and are supposedly going for the higher studies. The earlier migrants used to send money back to India and most of them wanted to buy land in Punjab with the money they saved. This raised the prices of land in Punjab.

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