Bhartia Ne UK wich Ja Ke v Gand Pa ta

If you thought Indians were only spitting on roads back home and “behaved” themselves when they visited foreign countries, you were wrong.In an embarrassment for Indians around the world, the city of Leicester in UK has put up a sign-board in English and Gujarati, warning people that they will be fines if they spit out red paan juice on the pavements and sidewalks.

Leicester has a growing Indian population and along with it, a growing sanitation problem as it seems several Indians have taken to spitting out paan expectorate in public spaces in the UK. The signboard, put up by the city’s police department in collaboration with Leicester City Council, clearly singled out Gujaratis. “Spitting paan on the street is unhygienic and anti-social. You could be fined £150 (Rs 13,000)” it read, first in Gujarati then in English.

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