Canada wich Punjabi Di Kartoot

Canada wich ek punjabi di kartoot di video viral ho gyee. Dylan Ackimenko ne video share karke likhya ke..Okay guys. I just wanna say i am so glad my friend Kelsey Young is okay. My friend was walking home late last night early morning and this man in a semi pulled over and seems was trying to kidnap her saying i will grab you i will drive you. Luckly she was filming and spooked him off. Take into consideration she is like 5 feet tall. Very small. The driver left and then came back after pushed her down and stole her phone. She sent this video to us before the phone was stolen. Please please be safe out there this was in langley. Please share and stay safe out there ladies. Take a taxi call a friend its not safe out here. My stomach hurts watching this and listening to the fear in her voice. Im so glad she got away

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