Honeypreet nu si eh gupt bimari

In the mind of Honeypreet,daughter of Baba Ram Rahim,Hararaj has been doing something new.Ever since Honeypreet went to the jail, every part of his body has started spoiling,but now Honeypreet’s jail has been taken care of.It is very important to look after Honeypreet.Honeypreet says that she remembers Rahim every moment,imprisoned in Ambala’s Central Jail,Honeypreet is always seen all alone and only Ram Rahim is seen.

Kainki Vare Gurmeet Ram Rahim has been in the shadow.Vahe Ram Rahim,who had set up a new empire of Milekar hypocrisy with Hanipreet.Everybody is standing on the brink of the oppressed.According to Suneera, Honeypreet is remembered for every moment from morning till evening, remembering Gurmeet Ram Rahim.Honeypreet kehri bimari si eh koi nai si janda per hun hoeya eh vada khulasa,video dekho te share kro.
Video:SPN9NEWS सामाजिक आईना

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