Salman Khan de fans layee buri khabar

Salman Khan talked at length about his facial nerve disorder for the first time to the media recently. The actor was at the launch event for a song from his upcoming film Tubelight in Dubai where he revealed how unbearable the pain could be.“I was suffering from this nerve problem called trigeminal neuralgia. So I couldn’t talk. Had to talk like that and huge amount of pain,” he said in a video posted on YouTube by Gulf News.

Trigeminal neuralgia is a disorder that affects the trigeminal nerve. It causes extreme, burning pain on a person’s face that can last between a few seconds to a few minutes.Bollywood star Salman Khan on Monday left for the United States for the treatment of a painful nerve disease he has been suffering from.According to sources close to his family, Salman has been suffering from a rare neurological condition called trigeminal neuralgia, which causes acute pain.Eh video dekho te share kro.
Video:Zee News

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