Punjab ch vapri bhot hi mari ghtna

In this video clip you can see Punjab ch vapri bhot hi mari ghtna.This is very shocking and viral video.There has been a new turn in the case of missing newlyweds Navpreet Kaur.Based on the statement given by the husband of the newly married woman,police station police station FIR FIR filed by Former BJP MLA and former Parliamentary Secretary Sukhpal Singh Nannu.

Mohit Dhawan,in charge of Police Station Arifk said that the police had received information that Nannu had hijacked the newly married woman in her closet.He told that the husband of Navpreet,Satnam Singh,has told the police that he is convinced that Nannu has only taken his wife abducted.Eh video ch dekho kida kise nu fasea ja reha hai viah de vich sach ja juth aape pata lagg jaoga hun ta,video nu share krna na buleo.
Video:Daily Post Punjabi

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