Sunny Deol de bare ch ki bole Jaswinder Bhalla

In this video can you see what is said jaswinder bhalla the sunny deol.A week after actor Sunny Deol joined the BJP, his father and veteran actor Dharmendra – a former BJP leader himself – said that while his family was not very well versed in politics, patriotism ran in their blood.”We don’t know the ABC of politics but patriotism is in our blood, we will serve the nation,”the 83-year-old actor said.”See the work that I did in Bikaner.

Sunny will also serve the nation,” Dharmendra told news agency ANI. Dharmendra had contested the 2004 national election on a BJP ticket from Bikaner and won.Sunny Deol had mentioned Dharmendra when he joined the BJP. “Like my father joined Atal Bihari Vajpayee, I have decided to go with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I want PM Modi for the next five years,” he told reporters after the BJP announced his induction into the party.Eh video ch dekho hun ki keha jaswinder bhalle ne sunny deol de bare ch rajniti ch aaun bare.Video dekho te share karo.

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