Dekho kida banode ne hotel wale gupt camre nal videos

A woman customer at a restaurant in Connaught Place,New Delhi caught a housekeeping staff trying to record her while she was using the restroom.In another related incident reported earlier this month from Toronto,Canada,a Scottish couple found a hidden camera fit inside a digital clock at their Airbnb holiday apartment.

Installing cameras in bedrooms,bathrooms at hotels is a punishable crime as it intrudes into the intimate personal space and violates the Right to Privacy of an individual.Some of the tips to inspect such invasion of privacy before or after checking into a hotel room have been given below.Eh video ch dasea gea hai ke jekar kise v hotel ch spy camra laga hai bathroom ch ta kida pata lagg sakda hai.Eh video kudia ta jroor dekhan te share v karn video nu vad to vad,video hoeya viral.
Video:Surkhab Tv

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