Viah ch dekho ki kita dulhan ne

In this video clip you can see Viah ch dekho ki kita dulhan ne.This is viral video and this video show one punjabi marriage see what happened.Punjab is a part of India and Punjabi culture is a rich culture and punjabi marriage is traditionally conducted in Punjab.Punjabi weddings are based on traditions,Ritual and conducted with a strong reflection of the Punjabi culture.In Punjabi marriage atmosphere is very energetic and very loud full of music, dancing and colours.

This Ritual marks the beginning of a relationship between the two Groom and Bride.When couple and families agree to wedding,and then come roka ceremony.In this function bride and groom family member and relatives are involved and families exchange the sweets, gifts,sweets,dry fruits and fruits.Roka is first step start the marriage.Eh video dekho kyu ho rahi hai jada viral te share kro vad to vad.

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