Watch What happened with Gurchet Chitarkar

Gurchet Chitarkar is a Punjabi comedian and actor. He also performs in stage acts and has done tours of Canada, Pakistan, America, European countries, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai. He is a Gold Medalist in India in Painting. 7 time Gold Medalists in Stage Acts in India.Gurchet has worked in Punjabi feature films including Punjab Bolda, Taur Mitran Di, Chakk De Phatte, Heer Ranjha: A True Love Story, and Power Cut family 420 once again feature movie, cross connection, aashique not allowed, majajan Stage play – bebe ji me sant bann gaya, Jija Ji NRI,, Hayo Rabba, Asi Bolange Sach, Ghara de Jinde, Sadda Bapu Bikau Hai, Bapu da Khunda

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