Jado pati di thaa deor ne manai suhagrat

In this video clip you can see Jado pati di thaa deor ne manai suhagrat.The girl,who was walking around for justice in the police station,had already been married to her father-in-law,ten days earlier.But in his in-laws’house,all the ammunitions broke in the house when all the broken guns broke out,when the night before the husband’s jaw was forced to take his place.

Actually,10 days earlier,the marriage of Rabari’s daughter to Nitin alias Sonu,in Patoda village of Jhajjar During her marriage,Sonu had a epileptic episode.After a lot of turmoil as soon as the taiwei got married and the girl’s goose bumps,the next night again,Sonu had a epileptic episode,with which the furlough had forced her to celebrate Suhag’s night with her burial.Dekho eh video ch ki hoeya ajeha ke ik bahu nu apne pati nal nai sago apne deor nal manoni pai viah di pehli rat.

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