Majitha wich Anankh di Khatir Katal

A father disgraced with the daughter’s love affair in Majitha accompanied by her father to her boyfriend’s house and murdered him. After the boyfriend’s murder, he reached his house directly and murdered daughter Anu too. The police force has arrived on the spot …

It is being told that the love affair was going on from the young man Amandeep’s daughter Dilbagh Singh, who lived in the neighborhood for a long time. The girl’s family was frustrated with her love affair. On Wednesday, Dilbagh Singh reached with his teammates and attacked Amandeep. He was attacked with sharp weapons, which led to his death.

 It is being told that the boy’s sister was married in the daytime. The girl’s father, Dilbagh Singh, had gone to his house just a few days ago to teach the daughter’s boyfriend a lesson. However, after the family members cited marriage, the matter was reversed. Today, Dilbagh Singh reached the house of the boy watching the opportunity and killed him with weapons and killed him. Later, returning home also killed daughter Anu.

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